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Shanghai Yuanna Fine Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, based in Shanghai city, focusing on textile auxiliary’s research, production, sales, and providing customers the overall plans for dyeing and finishing. Adhering to the research direction of innovation, energy-saving, emission-reduction and environmental proctection, Yuanna Chemical is committed to provide high efficient, energy saving, environmental, short process, innovated technologies and products to customers in printing and dyeing industry with a goal of reducing cost, optimizing process and promoting whole process technology.
Yuanna Chemical boasts of possessing profound industry experience, which built gradually and steadily over time. The products consist of pretreatment auxiliaries, dyeing and printing auxiliaries, aftertreatment auxiliaries and functional auxiliaries for all kinds of fiber, including cotton fiber, regenerated cellulosic fiber,polyester fiber, nylon fiber and acrylic fiber, etc.
Yuanna Chemical is always sticking to the business philosophy of being more professional, dedicated and concentrated to achieve its faster growth.
Yuanna chemical firmly believes, service creating value, and only by constantly creating value for customers can bring in long term partnership. 
Looking forward to the future, Yuanna Chemical is brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. Guided by the mature value, Yuanna Chemical is endeavoring to live up to the mission: making Yuanna the famous brand  of comprehensive solutions supplier for dyeing and finishing with global influence.B


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