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Product Characteristic
Reactive Printing Thickener CPR series
As thickener in reactive dyestuff printing on cotton,viscose. High paste forming rate, thickening quickly,easy to wash off .Good electrolyte resistance and high dye yield. High and bright color yield. Can be used alone or together with sodium alginate.
Dosage: Exhaust 3.0-6.0% if used withsodium alginate 1.5-2.0%
Disperse printing thickener TPR series
As thicker in disperse dye printing, high paste forming rate,quick thickening, excellent definition. Good electrolyte resistance. color paste is stable and penetrating easily. High dye yield, bright and fresh color.suitable for all kinds of polyester fabric.
Exhaust: 3.0-6.0% or used with sodium alginate at 1.5-2.0%
Pigment printing thickener PPR series
As thickener in pigment printing and other aqueous system.High paste forming rate, quick thickening. Stable color paste, excellent definition.
Dosage: Exhaust:2.0-3.0%
Pigment printing binder PA
For flat screen and rotary screen pigment printing, also as binder for non-woven fabric. Good compatibility, bright and fresh color, high dye yield,good handle, excellent rubbing and brushing fastness.
Imitating reavtive printing binder PAC
For all kinds of fabric with super soft handle in imitating reavtive pigment printing and aqueous coating.good compatibility, high dye yield, bright and fresh color, no blocking problem,soft handle, excellent rubbing and brushing fastness.
Imitating reactive printing binder APF
High quality printing binder, excellent handle, super high wet fastness, for all kinds of fabric with super soft handle in imitating reactive pigment printing and aqueous coating, good compatibility, high dye yileld, birght and fresh color, no blocking problem, soft handle, excellent rubbing and brushing fastness.
Printing paste PG-R
As thickener for cotton, rayon in reavtive printing, applying alone, compared with sodium alginate, higher dye yield, brighter and fresher color, excellent definition. Suitable for printing dot, fine line patterns.
Dosage: Suitable for synthetic fiber’s direct dyeing by reactive dye and disperse dye. 3-6%
Printing paste PG-D
As thickener for disperse dye printing and burn out printing,mixed with other thickeners is allowed. Prepared paste has excellent stability, rheological property, brightness and permeability.
Printing paste PG-A
Suitable for silk and nylon′s acid printing, good rheological property, excellent definition, high dye yield, easy depasting,good handle.
resisting salt S reducing protectant in dyeing and printing, no dust and easily dissolved.
Urea substitute Urea Substitute, reducing ammonia and nitrogen values in waste water.


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